Root Canal

Affordable Root Canal Treatment

When it comes to dental work, sometimes a regular filling is not enough to fix the problem. If the innermost part of your tooth is suffering from severe decay or infection, a root canal procedure may be required. A root canal can be a very expensive procedure to undergo, especially if it is required for multiple teeth. Fortunately, Dentistree offers affordable root canal treatment that can help restore your teeth to their former glory.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Teeth are made up of a number of different parts that include enamel, dentine, the pulp chamber, pulp, root canal, and cementum – among others. When the pulp chamber becomes inflamed or infected (this can happen for a number of reasons), a root canal procedure will need to be performed. When we perform our affordable root canal treatment, we drill a small hole into the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. Once this has been done, the dentist will use specialised instruments to remove diseased and dead pulp tissue as well as clean out the pulp chamber and root canals. The root canals are thoroughly disinfected with antibacterial solutions and are prepared for special root canal fillings. The canal space will then be filled and a temporary or permanent filling will be used to seal the access hole.

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