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Regular dental check-ups with a childrens dentist in Melbourne become important for your child the moment their first tooth comes through at around six months of age. Establishing good oral hygiene practices early will help protect their teeth from decay, cavities and toothache – and set them up for good habits in the future. It also helps to familiarise your little one with the sights and sounds of the dental practice, as well as with the dentist themselves.

For the first few visits, your children’s dentist will just take a quick look at any existing teeth for signs of decay, carrying out more in-depth childrens dentistry examinations as they get older.


Depending on your child’s age, our children’s dentist in Melbourne will check: 12a

  • Any cavities in teeth that have come up through the gum
  • How the jaw has developed
  • The health of the tongue, lips, cheeks and throat
  • Whether orthodontics will be required in the future

Your children’s dentist will also offer advice on preventing decay in the future, including tips on diet and brushing techniques. If the baby teeth are prone to decay, they may recommend fluoride treatments and/or fissure sealants to protect them in future.


When it comes to children’s dentistry, supervised oral hygiene practices should be practiced from around six months up to around 8 years of age. When caring for your child’s teeth, make sure you: 12b

  • Use a special children’s toothpaste and a toothbrush with very soft bristles
  • Use a very small amount of the toothpaste (only about the size of a grain of rice)
  • Brush the teeth and gum area once in the morning and once before bed

It’s important to limit children’s sugar intake, and keep any sugary food or drink to meal times only.

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