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Composite resin fillings are tooth-coloured fillings made up of plastic and tiny glass particles, making them an undetectable alternative to grey metal ‘amalgam’ fillings. Also known as white fillings, they allow your dentist to repair decayed, broken, chipped and worn-down teeth without sacrificing the aesthetics of your smile. The natural results of the dental composite filling procedure also make it ideal for creating veneers for front teeth in need of cosmetic improvement.

Dental Composite FillingBecause they are bonded directly to the natural tooth using an adhesive, composites resin fillings can help to strengthen and support the existing tooth, making it less vulnerable to breakage. However, this bonding process is not suitable for people with larger cavities – particularly if they clench or grind their teeth or have a heavy bite. In these cases, an inlay or onlay may be more appropriate.


During the procedure for composite resin fillings, your dentist will:

  • Examine the decayed tooth
  • Remove the decay and clean the tooth
  • Layer the composite resin into the tooth
  • Use a laser light to harden each layer of resin
  • Shape the resin to blend in with the natural tooth
  • Polish the filling to prevent staining

The whole process usually takes less than one hour. Results typically last between 5-7 years depending on the location of the filling and the wear-and-tear it is subjected to.

To find out more about composite resin fillings, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Dentistree.

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