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Affordable Braces for Teeth in Rowville

Get the Smile You Want with Our Affordable Braces for Teeth

03-04-01-1Used to align and straighten teeth and improve dental health by correcting underbites and overbites, braces are a common form of dental treatment that can be used on both adults and children alike. Dentistree offers affordable braces for teeth in Rowville, making it possible to correct cosmetic flaws such as crooked teeth and structural problems like overbites in order to improve your overall dental health.


How Braces Work

03-04-01-2By exerting constant pressure, braces slowly move teeth into their proper positions over time, correcting crooked teeth and a number of conditions including malocclusions, underbites, overbites, deep bites, open bites and cross bites. There are a number of different types of affordable braces for teeth available, from traditional metal wired braces through to less noticeable clear models.

There are four main components to braces:

  • Metal or ceramic brackets (these are attached to each tooth)
  • A bonding material or metal band (used to attach the bracket to the tooth)
  • An arch wire (a thin metal wire that extends from bracket to bracket, putting pressure on the teeth)
  • Ligature elastic (a small, coloured elastic used to hold the bracket onto the arch wire – these are not required on self-ligating braces)

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If you’re looking for affordable braces for teeth in Rowville for cosmetic or structural reasons, contact Dentistree today by calling (03) 9763 7333. We’re happy to provide further information on our services and make a consultation for you at our Rowville dental clinic.

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