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Dental Scale and Clean With a Teeth Cleaning Dentist

Look After Your Teeth with a Dental Scale and Clean in Rowville

dental bridgesIt goes without saying how important it is to clean your teeth on a regular basis in order to prevent plaque and calculus deposits from building up on the teeth. When these substances are allowed to accumulate, your teeth can suffer from unnecessary damage or premature decay. At Dentistree, our teeth cleaning dentist can provide professional dental scale and clean services to keep your teeth clean and smooth, making it more difficult for bacteria and other harmful substances to stick to your teeth.

Our Dental Scale and Clean Methods

Dentistree’s teeth cleaning dentist in Rowville can use a number of specialised methods and instruments to provide dental scale and clean services. Some of these include:

  • Ultrasonic instruments – These instruments use tickling vibrations and cooling mists of water to knock large pieces of calculus loose and wash away debris. The tips of the instruments are curved and rounded to maximise their effectiveness.
  • Fine hand tools – Fine hand tools such as scalers and curettes are used by our teeth cleaning dentist to remove smaller deposits and make the surface of your teeth smoother. A gentle amount of pressure is usually all that is required to scrape the substances off during a dentist teeth cleaning.
  • Polishing – A slow speed handpiece is used by our dentist for teeth cleaning to polish the surface of your teeth by applying a special toothpaste-like material.
  • Fluoride – Fluoride is a flavoured gel that is applied to the surface of teeth. Used to strengthen your teeth, fluoride is an important part of our dental scale and clean in Rowville.

Organise a Clean with Our Dentist for Teeth Cleaning

If you’re looking for dentist teeth cleaning services that are effective and painless, you can rely on the friendly team at Dentistree. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment for a dental scale and clean in Rowville – simply call our teeth cleaning dentist on (03) 9763 7333 or enquire online.

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