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Affordable Dentures

If you have missing teeth and you are self-conscious about smiling or you experience other problems with eating or speaking, then dentures could be the appropriate solution. At Dentistree, we have a leading denture clinic in Melbourne with a specialist team who are able to provide the most advanced dentures for an affordable price.

Dentures are removable devices which replace teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay, developmental or genetic defects, trauma, and other causes. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, they can assist with speech, make chewing easier, and support the lips and cheeks, amounting to an overall improved quality of life for the wearer. They are also able to help assist the teeth at the side of the gap to retain their correct position and shape.

Dentures are worn commonly by many people and often they are not even noticeable. They are able to provide some substantial benefits and when fitted and made correctly they will significantly improve your appearance and as a result your confidence.
There are two main categories of dentures available which we produce and maintain.

  • Partial dentures – These are designed to replace several missing teeth and are typically held in place by clamps and the existing natural teeth
  • Complete or full dentures – These replace all the upper or lower teeth and tend to be held in place by suction and muscular coordination

Dentures will be fitted so that they are comfortable to wear and able to stay in place as much as possible using the natural shape and conditions of your mouth. They may sometimes require a fixative or glue to be kept in place.

Emergency Denture Repair Clinic

What We Can Offer

At Dentistree, we design affordable dentures that provide optimum support and stability for the wearer. Customised for each individual by experienced the dentists and dental technicians at our denture clinic in Melbourne, our dentures are made to give the wearer complete peace of mind. We will always work closely in collaboration with you to ensure that we are able to achieve the best possible result. We go through an extensive process of design and development of your dentures ensuring that the tooth colour will closely match your natural tooth colour and that they will provide you with most comfortable fit possible. There are regular consultations to enable the initial design and then construction of the dentures as well as for the fitting. We realise that becoming accustomed to new dentures may take time and we will ensure that you understand how to wear them appropriately and how to adjust to them with your speech and eating.

While the design and fabrication of dentures is a labour-intensive task that involves significant expertise and costly materials, we strive to offer the most affordable dentures possible. We understand that if you are not familiar with wearing dentures you will need additional information and advice. We also offer specialist denture repairs and maintenance at our denture clinic in Melbourne if at any time your dentures are damaged, or the appearance of the teeth is changed, or they are chipped or broken. As part of our services, we will always give you all the information you need to clean and care for your dentures in order to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.

Emergency Denture Repair

We understand how important your dentures can become and if they are damaged and need repairs our skilled technicians will ensure that this is done quickly and effectively. It does not matter if they are full or partial dentures, we will be able to provide you with a quick response. We suggest that you contact our staff at our denture clinic in Melbourne during working hours to make an appointment for an emergency repair.

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