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Fluoride Treatments in Rowville

Strengthen Your Teeth with Fluoride Treatments

Flouride TreatmentsIt’s no surprise that strong teeth are healthy teeth that are less susceptible to decay and cavities. One thing that helps to strengthen our teeth is fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that’s commonly found in food and water. Fluoride protects the enamel – the hard outer surface that covers the teeth – from sugar and plaque-instigated degradation that leads to cavities and decay. Without fluoride, the plaque and the sugars in our food and drink will weaken the enamel and exacerbate the onset of decay and cavities. Fortunately, by starting fluoride treatments with the team at Dentistree, you can give your teeth the strength they need to remain strong and healthy. Make an appointment at our Rowville clinic today.



How Do Fluoride Treatments Work?

Tooth enamel contains mineral crystals that break down and weaken due to common plaque bacteria and the sugars in the mouth attacking the enamel. This process goes by the name of ‘demineralisation’. However, there’s also an opposite process of ‘remineralisation’, whereby minerals like fluoride, calcium and phosphate – found in the food and water we consume and the toothpaste we use – strengthen the enamel. Fluoride helps to speed up the process of remineralisation. With the help of fluoride treatments at Dentistree, you can strengthen your enamel and therefore strengthen your teeth.

Children and adults who are highly susceptible to developing cavities are encouraged to undergo regular fluoride treatments.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Flouride TreatmentsPrior to fluoride treatments, our dental staff will clean your teeth to remove any food debris and clean up any staining. We’ll then place a high concentrate fluoride foam or gel into an arch shaped dental tray, which is then placed over the teeth and left for a determined amount of time. An alternative fluoride treatment involves our dental staff painting a fluoride based varnish onto the tooth surface. Following treatment, you should abstain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes in order to let the fluoride penetrate the teeth.

If you have any further questions about the procedure, or if you’d like to make an appointment at our Rowville clinic, call (03) 9763 7333 or contact us online.

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