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Have you been thinking about using a teeth whitening process to improve the appearance of your smile? This is a very effective technique that is able to have a quick impact. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Melbourne, then Dentistree has the right offers for you.

As you get older, the colour of your teeth gets darker. Their appearance can also be affected by certain foods or drinks, as well as from smoking. As this change in colour is from surface staining on the enamel, it is possible to make a substantial difference by using one of the teeth whitening processes available.

Treat surface stains

The whitening process can take days, or it can take months. If you have severe stains, you will need to be more patient with the process and know that each whitening session is taking away years of staining. If the stains on a tooth are not surface stains, then it may be necessary to consider alternative methods to cover the staining such as veneers that will be coloured to match your other teeth.

But if you do have surface stains, then once those stains are gone, it will be incredibly easy to maintain the new lighter colour of your teeth.

It is important to remember that teeth are not naturally white, and the natural colour of your teeth is usually as a result of your genetic make-up. Teeth will usually have a shade of colour in them, which is often a soft yellow tint. We will always work closely with you so that you will understand the outcome we will be able to achieve and ensure that you have all the information necessary to make a good decision about a whitening treatment.

Many people have natural sensitivity in their teeth. During the whitening process, it is normal for some sensitivity to occur, but it will often disappear after around 12 hours.


Advanced Zoom Teeth Whitening

We have identified the advanced Zoom teeth whitening process to be a very effective method and we have been using it in our clinic successfully. The advantage of the Zoom method is that you are able to see very quickly a substantial improvement in the colour of your teeth. This method uses a bleaching gel that is activated by a laser light. It can work very quickly because of this activation process. We find that in many cases it does not cause tooth sensitivity after the treatment.

We also offer the more standard POLA whitening processes with the development of a personalised plastic tray moulded to the shape of your teeth to hold the whitening gel. This tray will ensure complete coverage your teeth. Initially, you will be given clear directions and instructions on how to use the tray and the gel at our clinic. This process will not have the same dramatic impact as the Zoom method; however, it will still provide you with very successful outcomes over time. This system is then able to be used at home and you may only need to come for checking of the whitening treatment as part of your normal check-up.

Our offers for teeth whitening in Melbourne

  • ADVANCED ZOOM TEETH WHITENING for only $449 (valued $700)
  • POLA OFFICE PLUS IN OFFICE for only $449 (valued $700)
  • LATEST NATURAL PLUS TEETH WHITENING Procedure for only $449 (valued $700)
  • Take Home With custom trays with Pola Office 10 Syringes for only $349

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