Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a highly effective method for improving the appearance of teeth. Over time our teeth will often accumulate some surface staining. This simply occurs as a result of the things that we eat and drink, and if you are a smoker this will also cause staining.

There are a number of different methods that you are able to use to improve the appearance of your teeth. Your teeth will have their natural colour, which is not normally a porcelain white but will usually have some other colour shading, such as a soft yellow tint. We will ensure that the best possible result will be achieved to lighten the shade of your teeth and improve your smile and appearance.

As part of our services, Dentistree like to work closely with you to ensure that you are clear about the procedures that we are recommending and what will be involved. Often there will be some benefits and some other impacts associated with different teeth whitening procedures.

One of the most commonly used methods is to use a bleaching gel. This needs to be managed effectively. By using a mouthpiece that has been properly designed by a dental technician so that it exactly matches the shape of your teeth, you will be able to have the best result for reducing the staining on your teeth. This mouthpiece is then able to be used for future treatments as needed.
Whitening Treatment

Laser teeth whitening

In recent years there have been some excellent technical advances in cosmetic dentistry. The use of specialised lasers to assist with teeth whitening has been one of them. With some laser teeth whitening, there are concerns about the amount of heat that is generated. The process needs to be undertaken by a skilled technician with suitable training to ensure that teeth do not become overheated as this is potentially able to damage the root of the tooth.

With the new advanced form of laser teeth whitening, there is no heat impact. This improves the safety of the procedure. However, it still needs to be undertaken by a skilled technician with suitable training, knowledge, and experience. It is able to provide you with excellent results in just 1 to 2 hours. By carefully applying an advanced whitening gel, which is then activated by the laser light, it is possible for the changes to occur simply and quickly.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best teeth whitening options available, and our clients will usually leave with no post-procedure tooth sensitivity. The average tooth shade will be improved many times over the original shade.

We will ensure that you understand the procedure that we recommend for you. We will also identify the associated costs and the need for follow up treatments as part of the specific process. We are confident that laser teeth whitening will suit many clients. We also offer suitable alternatives to ensure that you will get the best possible result.

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