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Tooth Cavity Treatment in Rowville

Maintain Your Oral Health with Affordable Tooth Cavity Treatment in Rowville

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to tooth cavities, but should you find a cavity, it’s best to have it treated as soon as possible in order to prevent further issues from developing. A tooth cavity left untreated can result in a painful toothache due to an exposed nerve and ultimately an extraction of the damaged tooth. However, with tooth cavity treatment in Rowville performed at Dentistree in Rowville, you can slow down any degradation of your teeth and retain your beautiful smile for longer.

How Tooth Cavity Treatment Stops the Growth Of Cavities

White-Fillings-Composite-300x300The most common tooth cavity treatment is to have a filling placed in the cavity to fill the hole. A filling helps to preserve the natural shape of a tooth that’s been damaged by decay, covering up any exposed nerves that lead to toothache and making the tooth functional once again. A filling also helps to prevent further cavities from forming, as it blocks any spaces where bacteria has the opportunity to enter.

Should your dentist opt for a filling as the most appropriate and affordable tooth cavity treatment in Rowville, they will first clean up any decayed and affected part of the tooth. Your dentist will then fill the cleaned cavity with the preferred filling material. Where fillings in the past were created from a metallic amalgam, these days we can use composite white fillings that match the colour of your teeth. You won’t even be able to tell you have a filling in place!

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