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White Composite Fillings

At Dentistree we are not only able to provide affordable orthodontics, but we also know how to ensure you receive the best information and the most up to date procedures for the care and maintenance of your teeth. Sometimes with our teeth, there can be problems with tooth decay which need to be properly treated.

Composite resin is a tooth coloured material that is able to be adapted to not only suit the colour of your teeth, but also it is able to be shaped and formed to mimic the appearance of your tooth and then polished to be almost undetectable. The composite resin is made up of plastic and tiny glass particles. Metal amalgam fillings were previously the most common way of doing fillings in teeth. They are a cheaper alternative and they are strong and long-lasting. However, their silver metal colour shows up very clearly against the whiter colour of teeth. Using resin to make white composite fillings for front teeth is now standard practice.

A white composite resin is not only used in fillings, it also enables us to repair decayed, broken, chipped, and worn-down teeth without sacrificing the aesthetics of your smile. The natural results of the dental composite filling procedure also make it ideal for creating veneers for front teeth in need of cosmetic improvement. We are able to make substantial improvements to the appearance of your teeth using the white composite. It is a versatile material that has been used extensively for many years and has been proven to be very effective.

Because they are bonded directly to the natural tooth using an adhesive, composite resin fillings are also able to help strengthen and support the existing tooth, making it less vulnerable to breakage. However, this bonding process may not be suitable for larger cavities, particularly if the person clenches or grinds their teeth or has a heavy bite. In these circumstances, it would be likely that an inlay or onlay is more appropriate. These processes involve creating a new clean supportive layer on the tooth using the white composite resin and for an onlay also creating a new cusp for the tooth. As part of our discussion with you, we will make sure that you have clear information about the most suitable procedure and the expected results.

White Fillings Composite

What Does The Process Involve?

During the procedure for white composite fillings, your dentist will:

  • Examine the decayed tooth
  • Remove the decay and clean the tooth
  • Layer the composite resin into the tooth
  • Use a laser light to harden each layer of resin
  • Shape the resin to blend in with the natural tooth
  • Polish the filling to prevent staining

The process usually takes less than one hour. Results typically last between 5-7 years depending on the location of the filling and the wear-and-tear it is subjected to.

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